About Us

Logico is a unique business specialising in supplying dedicated services to our clients, giving them complete peace of mind within their organisation. Our comprehensive service makes us stand out from the rest, ensuring we deliver outstanding customer service at all times.

We are experts in our field and help solve problems within your busy organisation, ensuring you are supported throughout. Logico is a service provider, aimed at helping your business to run smoothly and efficiently, at all times. Our specialised teams will support your organisation in the following areas:

  • Transport Management Services
  • Transport Compliance
  • Transport Law
  • Transport Solutions
  • Operator’s Licence Compliance
  • Transportation Contracts
  • Training
  • HR

Angel trustWe are huge supporters of the Charity Angel Trust, which helps people when they need it most. 

"The Angel Trust is a REGISTERED charity developed by an inspirational board of Trustees.
We may all need a helping hand at some point in our lives and the Angel Trust aims to be there to provide support where it is needed". - Angel Trust 

We manage tomorrow’s surprises today, delivering complete peace of mind. Get in touch