7 Essential Tips For Winter Driving – Are You Prepared?

As we come into the winter season once again, do not let the dangers of driving in winter conditions become an afterthought. We have put together 7 tips to help keep drivers and their vehicles safe on the road this winter season

1. Plan Ahead By Checking Weather Conditions And Current Diversions In Place:

  • Check weather forecasts pre-departure by using sites such as https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/, keep up to date with the changing weather conditions and diversions in place by using GPS systems and radio warnings

2. Equipment Check – Be Prepared For Every Situation – Equipment Must Haves Include:

  • De-Icer and ice scraper 
  • A flashlight
  • A shovel and a bag of salt or sand
  • Warm clothing and a warm blanket
  • Additional food and water 
  • Mobile phone charger 
  • Enough fuel to cover your journey plus extra in case diversions need to be taken, never let your fuel under ⅓ of a tank

3. Ensure Thorough Checks Are Carried Out On Your Vehicle

  • Tyres – ensure they are not excessively worn
  • Brakes – check they are not frozen or split
  • Windscreen wipers– working correctly and the windows are clear of snow
  • Fluid levels– ensure your water, oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, anti-freeze fluid, windscreen wiper fluid and AdBlue are all sufficiently topped up
  • Lights and Exhaust – ensure they are clear of snow

4. Driving in Snow and Ice 

  • When making deliveries, black ice could be present on the ground – remain vigilant and assess your surroundings carefully and maintain 3 points of contact when exiting/entering your vehicle as steps can become very slippery
  • Drive Smoothly – sudden and sharp movements can cause a loss of control, maintain a consistent and slower than usual speed, keeping in mind that your stopping distance in these conditions is greatly increased.
  • Always have a HGV suitable alternative route in the event of diversions

5. Driving in Heavy Rain 

  • Heavy rain limits your visibility and increases your stopping distance, keep well back from vehicles travelling ahead. 
  • Be mindful of aquaplaning – if the steering becomes unresponsive, keep your steering wheel straight, gently ease off the accelerator and do not harsh brake

6. Driving In Fog

  • When visibility is less than 100m, use your lights 
  • Beware of other drivers not using their lights
  • Check your mirrors before you apply your brakes

7. Implement A Winter Driving Policy 

  • Create and implement a comprehensive winter driving policy, we know the weather can’t be controlled, but proactive preventative measures can be put into place to reduce overall road risk. Your policy can include measures such as regular training for drivers on techniques of driving in all winter weather conditions and placing importance on carrying out thorough safety checks pre-departure.


Stay Safe, Informed And Vigilant This Winter – Reduce Your Road Risk – Get in touch if you are interested in implementing a winter driving policy or would like us to conduct a toolbox talk with your drivers on safe winter driving when you book group training with us

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