DVLA Introduces Fleet Scheme

The DVLA has introduced fleet schemes to help logistics businesses deal with the administrative burden that accompanies maintaining a network of fleets. This is a free scheme to join if you have a fleet of 50 or more vehicles and we’ve outlined the benefits.

The Scheme includes a dedicated helpdesk which gives you direct access via telephone or email to the Commercial Vehicles Team that can deal with all fleet queries. You will also be able to send all V5Cs directly to the CVT section in bulk, with a cover letter advising any necessary changes.

You will also be able to access the bulk taxing, which means you will have the ability to tax all vehicles due for renewal using an emailed spreadsheet, or at your local Post Office Branch. And this also includes a Bulk Electronic Relicensing Transaction, where in which fleet operators are sent electronic taxing reminders approximately six weeks before tax is due.

There is now the ability to access the View Vehicle Record service, which lets you view details of all vehicles within your fleet and it allows you to view single and multiple vehicles, apply a range of filters to narrow down search results and highlight vehicles in your fleet that are in need of taxing or are due an MOT.

For more information and how to sign up to the DVLA Fleet Scheme, click here.