Are you considering hiring an external transport manager?

You may wonder why you should consider an external transport manager, utilising an external transport manager is an acceptable method for O licence compliance but what are the benefits to you and your business?

Check out our super seven benefits to utilising an external transport manager in our latest blog.

1.       Cost efficiencies

It can be costly to employ a full time transport manager and with pensions, HR etc, can be a minefield for small businesses.  Many transport manager services are available as and when you need them at a fraction of the price of employing a person full time.

2.       Education

Outsourced employees are highly skilled and have vast experience within the transport industry, as an example, our Logico team are constantly trained and up to date with the legal requirements you need to comply with.

3.       Legislation

As with education, you can be assured that with externally managed transport compliance management services, the staff are kept up to date with frequent legislation changes and forwarding all relevant documentation to yourselves to ensure you remain compliant.

4.       Time

You’re busy running your business aren’t you?  You don’t have time to keep up to date with education and legislation changes, using an external transport company removes this pain by helping to carry out internal audits, tacho analysis and other licencing issues.

5.       Compliance

Not maintaining your transport compliance can have catastrophic effects on your business and the safety of your employees and other road users.  Outsourced companies will ensure your requirements are met legally and your records and procedures are maintained and up to date.

6.       Control of Budgets

By using an external company, you won’t need to train your internal transport manager, you will have complete control over your budgets knowing your fixed monthly fees.

7.       24 Hour advice

Most reputable external transport manager services will provide a 24 hour service for you, they will always be available if you have queries or concerns and will also encourage regular catch ups and visits.

If the above sounds appealing to you, why not ask us about our transport manager services today?