Is your Fleet Compliant?

Compliance may seem easy to achieve; however, we and any Fleet operator can tell you that Compliance is not as simple as it may seem. As it is the law to make sure vehicles are safe and roadworthy, it is essential for any operation to be running a compliant business.

As a fleet manager, your areas of compliance include but are not limited to; vehicles and acquisitions, maintenance repair, parts and warranty, licensing and safety and risk mitigation.

It is vital that any vehicle used for business purposes is properly equipped, inspected and maintained regularly. Ensuring well-maintained vehicles will help to prevent disruptions to service and high expenses. One way to ensure these factors is by carrying out Daily-walkaround checks and any employee who operates such vehicles should be fully trained, certified, hold a valid license and be in good health. It is your responsibility as a fleet manager to carry out a duty of care to all employees, which will in turn provide confidence that compliance is in place within driver programs and operations.

To increase the safety and visibility of your drivers and vehicles, DVSA encourages transport companies to move across to digital systems and as the only DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme approved auditors in the northeast, we can assure your compliance concerns will be a thing of the past when using our digital management system.

By receiving instant driver and vehicle data, you will eliminate unnecessary driver infringements, the system will manage all of your vehicle maintenance, defect checking, accident reporting, health & safety and risk assessments.

Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated and can certainly be made much easier with our Digital Management System so that when challenges arise, they can be dealt with effectively and efficiently.