Manage your vehicle testing’ (MYVT)

Digital accounts for vehicle testing customers.

The DVSA are looking to invite all Authorised Testing Facilities and pre-funded account holders onto the new ‘Manage your vehicle testing’ (MYVT) service over the coming months. This means it feels like a prime opportunity to look at the approach and benefits for customers behind MYVT.

User research played a key role in the development of MYVT, and was used to understand people’s needs for a service which would benefit them. This helped DVSA to create and inform solutions based on the feedback received.

The service empowers users to quickly view their balance and statements without waiting for postal statements, top up their accounts and make instant payments into their pre-funded accounts, as well as provide tracking of real-time testing.

By improving the payment methods, they have taken away any complications or a long-winded process of paying via BACS or cheque, which may of needed authorisations and could sometimes take months to clear into pre-funded accounts. Now, you can check balances into the accounts on a weekly basis.

Overall, the service saves time due to its efficiency and eliminates the need for time-consuming spreadsheets and logs.

The service will continue to be rolled out to everyone and DVSA will listen to what users have to say through research interviews and web analytics.