New driving laws 2022

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New driving laws 2022

The UK saw new regulations on driving put into place in June of this year, following a revision of the Highway Code.

However, we are about to see a further update to the rules and regulations that will help keep UK roads safe for all. These will be implemented from the 29th of January 2023

These updates include:

A new hierarchy of road user systems is to come into effect next year, meaning road users most at risk in the event of a collision are placed at the top of the hierarchy.

Tougher restrictions when using mobile phones, as it is already forbidden to use a phone while driving to text or call unless it is an emergency, these restrictions are being tightened to include not using the phone to play games, browse playlists, take pictures or record.

When people are crossing the road at junctions, other traffic should give way and people driving, riding a motorcycle or cycling, must give way to the people on a zebra crossing.

While overtaking when driving or cycling, you may cross on a double-white line if necessary and providing the road is clear, in order to overtake someone cycling or riding a horse, if they are travelling at 10pmh or less.

The code has also been updated to clarify that people driving or riding a motorcycle should give priority to people cycling on roundabouts.

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