Operator Licence Audits & Compliance

Operator licensing can be a complex and multifaceted field, with numerous moving parts and various stakeholders involved in maintaining the health of your operator’s licence.
An Operator Licence Compliance Audit is specifically designed to gauge the effectiveness of your systems and procedures in adhering to the legal obligations outlined in your operator licence, as well as the industry’s standard practices. Many operators find this audit invaluable for several reasons:

1. Legal Clarity: The audit provides a clear understanding of your legal standing as an operator and assists in establishing the necessary systems to ensure compliance with regulations.
2. New Operator Assurance: If you’re a new operator, it ensures that you have all the essential processes in place from the start.
3. Detecting Compliance Issues: If you suspect any non-compliance within your operations, the audit can help pinpoint these issues.
4. Ensuring Full Compliance: For those aiming to maintain a fully compliant operator license with all undertakings met.
5. Effective Vehicle Compliance: Ensures that all facets of vehicle compliance within your business are operating effectively.
6. Regulatory Requirements: In cases where a Traffic Commissioner mandates an independent compliance audit, this audit can provide the necessary report for submission.

Peace of Mind with Enhanced Systems and Procedures: The audit results in a comprehensive report that not only identifies shortcomings but also offers straightforward guidance on how to address any issues. Ongoing support is also available to assist in implementing necessary improvements.

Our thorough audit covers various critical areas:

1. Operator Licence Details: This section includes information about your licence type, associated conditions, and vehicle inspection intervals.
2. Maintenance Arrangements and Facilities: It assesses whether your systems align with the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness, encompassing defect reporting, rectification records, brake testing, tire age checks, and more.
3. Management Controls for EU Drivers’ Hours and Regulations: We examine whether your procedures ensure the proper checking of tachograph records, addressing infringements, and educating staff on compliance.
4. Driver Licencing Checks: We evaluate whether your company consistently verifies driver licences and qualifications, checks agency drivers, and issues written terms and conditions of employment.

Upon reviewing your processes, paperwork, and completing the audit document, we will compile a comprehensive report. This report will be accompanied by an action plan, which outlines recommended steps to address any identified gaps or missing processes. We are committed to working collaboratively with you to resolve any issues and ensure compliance.
Ultimately, the Operator Licence Compliance Audit is designed to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your operations are in line with legal requirements and industry best practices.

For more information or to book a comprehensive audit today, contact our team.