The Logistics Industry is struggling

At the core of the logistics sector are HGV Drivers. And in order to secure the industry’s future success, a more diverse workforce will need to be brought in. However, there are some factors halting this, Brexit’s lasting impact meant a long-term shortage of drivers and with thousands of EU Nationals leaving the UK and restricted access to non-UK workers and limited funding for training, urgent reform is needed.

This is why Logistics UK is campaigning for reform to the Apprenticeship Levy & National Skills Fund to ensure all high-quality vocational training is funded. This campaign also calls for reforms to visa arrangements to allow access to qualified non-UK nationals.

There are four main priorities for the needs of The Workforce Logistics. Firstly, they are calling for the National Skills Fund to include priority Level 2 Courses such as HGV Driver, as currently only level 3 is funded.

The Apprenticeship Levy should become more flexible to suit logistics needs, with the continuation of these rigid rules on durations, training hours and work placements, the Levy has become difficult to implement.

A provision of access to qualified non-UK logistics workers should be introduced through amended Skilled Worker Visas and T5 Visa arrangements. There should also be continued development of suitable apprenticeship standards, T-levels and vocational courses within the education sector.

With these changes, it is possible to see a more successful Logistics Industry.