What information is needed for vehicle record keeping?

Traffic commissioners require that all vehicles be maintained in a roadworthy condition when operated under an operator’s licence but what information is needed for vehicle record keeping?

If you are an operator of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and public service vehicles (PSVs), you must meet the governing legislation that the Traffic Commissioners have outlined in their Statutory Guidance Document. This is now in legislation, so if you operate within the UK or outside of the UK, you should ensure vehicles are roadworthy.

Detailed records in relation to the inspection must be maintained, in our latest blog we cover what you should be including.

Use these important key points as a guide to help you plan and set up a compliant and effective maintenance system for your vehicles.


The safety inspection record must include:

·        name of owner/operator

·        date of inspection

·        vehicle identity (registration mark/trailer number)

·        make and model

·        odometer (mileage recorder) reading, if appropriate

·        a list of all the manual items to be inspected

·        details of any defects

·        name of inspector

·        full details of any repair work and who did it

·        a signed declaration that any defects have been repaired satisfactorily and the vehicle is now in a safe roadworthy condition

It’s also important to remember that where safety inspection records are concerned, you need to make sure your vehicle is inspected against the latest inspection manual.

You must also make sure your drivers carry out a ‘walkaround check’ before driving a vehicle, for the first time each day (for information on driver walkaround checks, visit our previous blog HERE).

There must also be a system of reporting and recording faults that may affect the roadworthiness of the vehicle and having them put right before the vehicle is used.

It is important that enough time is allowed for the completion of these checks and that staff are encouraged and trained to carry them out thoroughly.

If you do not do this work yourself, you must provide the traffic commissioner with a copy of a contract with a maintenance provider. You’re still responsible for the condition of your vehicles and trailers, even if they are maintained for you by someone else.

For more information on vehicle reporting and maintenance, contact our transport team on hello@teamlogico.co.uk

To download the DVSA’s ‘Guide to maintaining roadworthiness’ visit the official website HERE.