What is the process of a transport audit?

We know that being audited can sound like a scary prospect, however, it’s important to remember, they’re not there to trip you up or cause you untold problems, they are there to help.

Whether it’s looking at areas of your transport or you’re a member of the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme, audits are a necessary part of your business, so, what exactly is the process of a transport audit?

Firstly, audits by ourselves would be performed at a location of your choice and a full written report would be provided within 7 days, documenting all relevant recommendations or improvements (if any are required).

Which areas would we look at?

·         Transport compliance

·         Operator’s licence and any undertakings

·         Driving licence checks and legislation

·         Up to date transport legislation

·         Digital tachograph compliance

·         Maintenance planning and management

·         Defect management

·         Driving hours and working time compliance

·         Driver Management and recruitment processes

·         All compliance a tied to the transport department

·         Health and Safety processes and procedures

·         Risk assessment management.

What is the process?

During our time with you, we would ask you to ‘test’ your processes, it’s fine to have processes and procedures, however, it’s important you are also following them and we can find out what’s going on in your organisation.

As we’ve said, an audit shouldn’t be there to catch you out, it’s there to help and by working together we can ensure that relevant actions are taken to solve any issues you might have.

Once we have sat with you, discussed your processes we will go through everything back at our office and report back to you.

What happens if you’re not compliant?

We’ll put together an action plan for you and work with you to help you become, and remain, compliant.  We can help you to implement changes and solutions or can advise your in-house team, we’re happy to adapt to your requirements.

What are the risks of being non-compliant?

Both the DVSA and the OTC (Office of the Traffic Commissioner) expect you as an operator license holder to meet the requirements set out for your licensed undertakings. If they were to audit your operation you can have your license taken away, suspended or restricted. Also, there can be heavy fines imposed for non-compliant drivers and operators.

For more information on audits or the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme, contact our team on hello@teamlogico.co.uk